Restoring and Repairs

Making replicas and restoring is difficult task, both from point of view of time and costs, with an uncertain result in many cases. Every single order has to be judged separately.

Restoring and Repairs

In most cases, enamel can not be restored using a single technology. To better understand the related problems, let us look at a brief description of making an enamelled dial:

1. - a prepared metal plate is covered with a background enamel and fired at 850 °C

2. - A layer of white enamel is added and fired at 820 °C

3. - numbers are painted and fired at 750 °C

It is clear from the whole process that the final enamel has been fired at much lower temperature. Not mentioning many other problems it is obvious that in an attempt to finish firing of the white enamel, the enamel fired at lower temperature will burn out. The only solution is to use “cold enamels” based on acrylate or resins. We are well experienced with repairs of meny objects and can choose an optimum repairing technology.