Welcome to the website of Škvorsmalt

The Škvorsmalt - Atelier of Artistic Enamel was established in 1987.

Škvorsmalt uses several production technologies to attain the highest quality for many different products. That‘s why we can offer our clients comprehensive artistic and technical enameling services, including the restoration of metal antiques and historical machines.

We specialize in:
  • Handmade artistic enameled jewelry and objects – we use only the highest quality artistic enamel. Each piece is a hand-painted original.
  • Production of enamel signs (street signs, house signs, gift signs), entire signage systems, name plates and much more using technical enamel
  • ID pins, badges
  • Clock dials – enameled and brass – production and renovation
  • Renovation of mementos, military medals, badges, signs and car tags.
  • We repair antique gramophones and phonographs, machines, horns, turntables and cabinets. We also replace stove glass, springs, adjust governor weights, clean and lubricate machines, and completely restore and polish cabinets and horns.

Procedures used include: enameling, polishing, brightening, grinding, rubbing, soldering and brazing, gilding, and electrogalvanizing

We cooperate with many artists, jewelers and restorers. Our work is on sale in a number of shops and galleries

You can find us at:

Na Balkáně 812
Praha 3 - Žižkov
130 00

Mob: +420 604 427 873